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Joanne English-Rollieson


Buying a home

When buying your home the process can be complicated and confusing because you typically only do it a few times in life.

At English Realty Associates we help our clients navigate through all of the complexities of buying a home. We have developed a Buyers' checklist that helps our buyers ensure they consider all of the variables that may affect where they are living. This checklist includes some of the following:

What you should ask when looking at properties for sale.

  1. Why are you moving?
  2. How long has it been on the market?
  3. What are you leaving behind?
  4. How much are the average energy bills?
  5. How much is the property tax?
  6. What are the neighbors like?
  7. Have you ever been burglarized?
  8. Have you made any improvements?
  9. Do you have the relevant warranties?
  10. How accessible is parking?
  11. What are the local schools like?
  12. Is it in a neighborhood watch area?
  13. What local amenities are there?
  14. Is there nearby local public transportation?


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